Hello gentlebeasts ! I am now studying animation in Angoulême (EMCA school). It's all new and official since the 15th of September. I'll post some news ASAP ! See you soon !


Here's a short movie I worked on during my internship in Zorobabel. Enjoy !


Hi guys, time to keep up with this blog. Girls drawings, do you like that ?


So, here we are. It's now over, and I just released a video to show you how the party went. It was great, thanks to the bands, and thanks to you. See you next year. Promise.


Here's a retrospective from a Tumblr I created with a mate last year, TCHOU TCHOU.
Now it's over, so these drawings have nowhere else to go.

BACK SLAP - 3rd Edition

Hello dear readers !
Today I'm glad to show you my latest work on the "La Tête Dans L'Son" 's upcoming concert ! Remember, 3 years ago I was reaching the association as graphist, with Pöl. Now we're about to come back, for the third time, with our annual concert Back Slap.
This year, I worked alone on a teaser, a flyer, and, of course, as I'm used to, the official poster of the event.
Everything's here, may your eyes enjoy.
See you soon on April 19th !

The logo :

The poster :

The flyer :

Two visuals to be shown on the scene, in VERY VERY BIG.

And the teaser :

Just a random gif

L05t 1n Sp4c3

Hi everyone !
Nope, I'm not dead. I'm just soooooo busy with my DMA !
Here's a special drawing for you. It is related to a character in my film, but I won't tell you anything more... Enjoy !

Guess who's in the credits ?

The official clip for BRNS' Our Lights is released ! It's from Zorobabel, so guess who's in the credits ?

Super Zero

Exercise made in class... We had to animate overlaps on the action of sitting.



And here we go ! 
SKOUCH, a short film made with Kate Harvey during the holiday.
A story about dogs, spaceships and USSR researches...


Hi everybody ! 
Here's an artwork I made to present you this brand new short movie : SKOUCH !
I made it with Kate Harvey (she designed the movie, and I animated it)...


In holidays, I'm having fun.
Scrappy Sequence is a short movie with no scenario. Just a succession of scenes that I found cool.
I only needed time to make this one. And I had time. Music and animation by me, enjoy !

Super Retro

A picture I made in the train from Brussels to Paris... Do you recognize anything ?


Dear readers, I'm sorry for all this time I didn't post anything... But I was bored with exams, busy and lost in Annecy's Festival du Film d'Animation, and now I'm in an internship in Zorobabel, a Belgian animation studio... I'm having fun, so you will see the stuff soon... But for now,  I have to work !